Empowering better energy choices.

Grow your business, stay a step ahead of the competition and keep your customers engaged.

Easy to use and Powerful Clipsal Cortex Platform.

Designed and built in Australia the Clipsal Cortex Platform consists of the award-winning energy monitoring app for homeowners and fleet management app for installers.

Grow your business by delivering more value to your customers with the Australian made and designed Clipsal Cortex platform.

Clipsal Cortex Fleet App:

Improves Customer Satisfaction by helping you manage your fleet of solar installations with multiple brands of inverters and batteries.

Clipsal Cortex:

Takes out the guess-work by using data to help identify homes in your fleet that are ready for a battery or energy efficient appliances.

Clipsal Cortex Meter:

Easy to install & commission, it measures energy usage of the main circuits and appliances in real-time, a unique selling point for homeowners.

Clipsal Cortex Fleet App

The award-winning Clipsal Cortex App, empowers homeowners to make better energy choices.

Real-time Insights:

Personalised and appliance-level insights to better understand what is driving energy consumption and change behaviour.

More Savings:

AI powered Solar Savings and Return on Investment at a daily level in dollar value not just kilowatts.

Retail plan checks:

Upload bills, compare plans in seconds and know your potential savings.

Clipsal Cortex app for homeowners

The Clipsal Cortex app empowers homeowners to take control of their energy usage and bills by providing retail plan checks and personalised insights.